Hi, we’re Julie and Jonathan Bourla, and we live and work in Snells Beach, New Zealand. We created our online store Mindjig  in 2017 because we want to help all people keep their brains happy and engaged, especially those living with dementia. 

We started thinking about our business Mindjig after Jonathan began working in a dementia care home. We realised there was a need for more interesting and engaging activities for people who have been diagnosed with cognitive challenging conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and for those who want to help them.

After working and learning more about dementia and the brain we became more aware of how important it is for all of us to keep our minds stimulated and learning.

At Mindjig we have products to give your mind a bit of a jig. Try something new, solve a puzzle, keep your brain busy and happy.

We also stock specialised products for people who need more help keeping their minds engaged. Puzzles that challenge at a level where success can be obtained and activities that help connections with others and promote good feelings.


Please feel free to CONTACT US, we are here in New Zealand and happy to answer any questions.

CLICK HERE to see an article about more of the thinking behind our Mindjig products.
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