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Hello and welcome to Mindjig, an online store specialising in engaging activities and gifts for people living with dementia or brain injury.

mind-jig-dance-alone.original.pngMind + Jig =

A Jig, a LIVELY DANCE. Your mind feels like it does a little dance when you remember something you had forgotten, or see something that makes you recall a moment in your life. A happy day at the beach, or a song you sang as a child.


We'd like to introduce ourselves - we are Julie and Jonathan Bourla. We live in Snells beach, New Zealand.

This all began when Jonathan started working as an activities coordinator in a secure wing of a rest home. He works with a diverse bunch of people living with dementia and along-side a fantastic group of caregivers, nurses, cooks and support staff. 

Since Jonathan began working in this role, we have become enthusiastic about finding solutions and appropriate tools for people with dementia, their families, and their support crew. We want to save you time looking for activity products, so you can spend it on the ones you are caring for.

We also have some very talented people helping us. Miriam Chalk and Debbie Kalogeropoulos with their wonderful writing, and Kev Gordon with his beautiful woodwork. 

Our products are made for adults and do not have any information on them indicating they are intended for people with dementia or any other memory/cognitive challenges. Activities can be enjoyed by anyone and will appeal to a wide variety of abilities and interests.


"I would like to express my gratitude to Jonathan and his wife for creating Mindjig. We have purchased many of their recreation equipment to support our residents to have meaningful engaging moments, and the result has been outstanding. We love the fact that most of their equipment is New Zealand made, as we also feel we are contributing to our local economy in some way. It is always a pleasure to deal with them and they are always keen to learn about the people we care for and their needs in order to arrange proper equipment, that can be suited to our residents needs.

We look forward to keep working with you both and we wish you the very best."

The Selwyn Foundation Group Diversional Therapist
Orquidea Tamayo Mortera


Support the support people: Caring for someone living with dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, is a difficult task. Although people are the most important ingredient, having a variety of appropriate and engaging activities can only help the helpers.

For people, not the condition: When looking into what sort of activities we should offer at Mindjig we asked: What have these people been doing in their lifetimes? What makes them smile? What helps them draw out past memories?

Family and Friends: These are activities that people can comfortably join in with, to help start conversations and recollections with their loved one, or just give them something to work on together.


Mind + Jig =

A Jig, a DEVICE THAT HOLDS OR GUIDES. Carers need tools to help guide people. Guide their bodies to action, engage their minds and hold their attention. Tools to promote movement and a sense of achievement from activity.



Improved quality of life: Experts tell us people who have been kept active and engaged during the day are more likely to sleep at night, and less likely to be restless and anxious. Using the right types of activities can help slow the rate of cognitive and physical decline.

Sense of purpose and self worth: Although people with dementia may have some limitations, being able to accomplish tasks set to their level gives them the feeling of achievement we all strive for. 

Made for Adults: Most of the products at Mindjig have either been developed specifically for older people or occasionally just tweaked a bit for them. Piece sizes are large and simple; colours bright and contrasted; text is large and clear.


Mind + Jig =

A Jig, a LURE. A person may need lures to attract them back into the world. Lure them into connecting to things they once did. Textures and movement stimulate the senses and help connect the mind with the body.



Recollections and good feelings: For some, seeing a vase and flowers may move them to start arranging as they have done so many times before. For others looking at a puzzle relating to sports they once played or cars they once loved may spark a memory.

For people in New Zealand: With backgrounds in graphic design (Julie - see website) and photography (Jonathan - see website), we felt together we could use our skills to make meaningful products with many of the activities on our site being designed and produced ourselves.

If you have any ideas about the kinds of activities you would like to see on our site we would love to hear from you. Contact us.


Mind + Jig =

A Jig, short for JIGSAW, A PICTURE PUZZLE. Sometimes a person can feel like the pieces in their lives are mixed up or missing. Friends, family and care professionals, along with the tools they use, help to put the pieces together for them.


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