Asking for Help

Asking for Help

I know how hard it can be at times for us to ask for help. 

New Zealanders tend to have a very 'can do' attitude. "She'll be right" is a common refrain. Men in particular can find it hard to ask for help, but I've noticed NZer's in general like to be self-sufficient and want to work things out for themselves. 

What about reluctance to see a doctor when we have symptoms? I think in particular when the condition is a mental one, like Depression. Despite information on TV and elsewhere to increase widespread understanding about mental illness, many still feel there is a stigma.

What about Alzheimer’s, or other dementia related conditions? I imagine it must be very hard for someone experiencing early signs of memory loss to seek help from a medical professional, or even some advice from a dementia related organisation. It can be with great reluctance to go with a spouse or family member to ask for that help.

Add to this the element of the cost of the doctor’s visit, or even the widely mentioned “I don’t want to bother them” or “they’re very busy. I’m ok”.

For dementia or Alzheimer’s there are some wonderful sources of support such as Alzheimer’s New Zealand, with their branches around the country. We have a list of helpful organisations in the Useful Links page of this site, and can be found at the following link:

I encourage all of you who may be experiencing troublesome symptoms, or those who have a family member you are concerned about, to seek help, either at your GP or by contacting one of the organisations on our list. Although a diagnosis may not be easy to accept, I think it can bring a certain peace of mind to understand what you are going through is also experienced by others, and that you are not totally alone.

For people with a diagnosis of dementia, or a loved one or caregiver, don't forget there are people ready and wanting to offer you support and answer questions. Visit our Useful Info and Useful Links pages for ideas. 

I wish you my very best wishes and hope you find the support you need on whatever journey you are on.

We are always very keen to know if there are any other organisations who you feel we should add to our list. Also please get in touch if you have any interesting articles or information you think we could share with others.

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