Getting Up Off The Sofa

Getting Up Off The Sofa

Keeping our brains and bodies sharp can become harder as we age. Health and mobility issues can make keeping ourselves active a real challenge. But we all know how important this is, so looking for fun ways to go about it is a good idea.

As we age, the temptation to slow down increases. The importance of doing some physical activity however does not diminish, and this is true for a person being cared for, and the carer as well.

Motivating someone you are caring for may also become much more of a challenge, not to mention the practicalities of organising activities for someone who may have mobility or other health limitations.

Keeping active is good for our brains, and also our hearts, lungs and spirits. It strengthens our immune systems and helps to lower blood pressure. Keeping our bodies moving also reduces the chances of developing other illnesses. Exercise can help ease pain and stiffness and can also increase or just maintain strength and flexibility.

Twenty minutes of physical activity a day can make all the difference to a person's mental and physical well being.

Virtually any activity is good for you, from walking or gardening to more organised activities such as lawn bowls. And all activity counts, whether it’s pottering in the garden or getting up to stretch your legs and walk around the house. The important thing is to actually remember to move - or in some cases reminding or helping someone else to.

For some, mental or physical limitations may make getting out and about difficult. 

The challenge is to find something interesting and fun to make movement more appealing. Being able to socialise is always very beneficial, but not always possible.

Setting up a game or activity to be a personal challenge can be a way of capturing a person's interest, such as a timer to complete something or a target to be reached.

Games and puzzles that encourage movement, laughter and even friendly competition are a great way to keep us feeling young.

A physically active game such as a round of backyard (or even indoor) mini golf is a fun way of keeping active and uplifted. There are other games that involve hitting targets which can be done in a group or as individual target challenges. A fun and easy one on a wet day is simply batting a balloon around the room.

Having something on hand for days when moving feels like a chore is going to make keeping active easier, and can be something fun to look forward to participating in.

Mindjig stocks a variety of games that cater to all people including those with different levels of physical and mental abilities. 

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