How we want to help people living with dementia

How we want to help people living with dementia

Engaging people with mid to late stage dementia can be extremely hard. Something a person may really enjoy doing one day may not get a second look the next. So having a variety of activities is really helpful. It’s always a matter of trying for the right time, the right energy level and the right activity. But when you do tick those boxes, it is very rewarding.

Have you ever experienced the wonderful happy feeling of having a person living with mid stage Alzheimers laugh or show a positive emotion. This is what we would like to help achieve more with our products for people with dementia. Our Mindjig Reads often get a lovely smile or nod. And ever so often a chuckle or a full on laugh - fantastic!

Of course it can often happen people will fall asleep while having a story read to them, but knowing they have done so listening to something pleasant also feels like a win. Not all our stories and poems aim for laughs, some are just nice contented stories, or beautiful descriptive poems. If we can give someone a sense of reassurance and safety then it’s a job well done. Don’t you love waking up from a happy dream, you may have no idea what happened, but what a pleasant feeling.

Every time someone looks proud at having finished a Jigsaw Puzzle or at having found a word in a Mindjig Word Find, we feel like winners. A person may have experienced a lot of success in their life and now find themselves without that feeling of achievement. It’s not a great feeling, everyone needs their self esteem, and we really want to find suitable engaging activities to help with this. What more can we do to give that back to them? What can we do to keep them feeling challenged, but not defeated?

If you know a male living with dementia who has spent the day with no engagement in the world at all and he actually picks up the nut from the Nuts and Bolts activity then that’s a win. If he attempts to match and tighten even one nut to the bolt, then that’s a gold medal win.

It’s hard to find the perfect thing for everyone, but we will keep trying and add more activities to our website as we find or create them. We'd love to know what you think too.

We know you caregivers, in whatever role you have, are busy, and doing a fantastic job. It’s challenging, frustrating, and even dangerous sometimes. People with dementia just need more. They can’t remember what you have already done for them so they need more attention, more hugs and more appreciation. And we think you do too. Thank you for working so hard and doing what you do. We appreciate you and hope we can make your lives easier.

Mind + Jig =

A Jig, a LIVELY DANCE. Your mind feels like it does a little dance when you remember something you had forgotten, or see something that makes you recall a moment in your life. A happy day at the beach, or a game you played as a child.

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