Simple Things to Help Body and Soul

Simple Things to Help Body and Soul

At the moment most of us are probably feeling pretty stressed to some extent, which is not good for us or our immune systems. Telling ourselves to "stop it" doesn't really work. I find it very easy to sit and dwell on the things going on around us, and to ruminate on the 'what ifs'. So I looked up what the specialists recommend we focus on to keep our bodies and souls healthy. 

Get outside into the daylight when you can. Daylight, especially in the morning, helps you keep your circadian rhythms in tune. This will help you, and those you look after, sleep better and lift your mood. Sunshine is also important when you can get it, Vitamin D comes from the Sun and helps support immunity.

If you enjoy gardening it may be a great way to get yourself moving and enjoy the daylight and sunshine when it peeks through.

Get up and move around. Even just a walk around the house or garden. Lack of exercise and movement leads to lack of muscle which means your heart has to work harder. The more muscle you can maintain the stronger your cardiovascular system will be. Exercise is also a fantastic way to lift spirits.

Whatever it is you decide to do to help keep your mind and body happy, be safe. Now is not the time to throw your back out moving furniture, or break an arm falling off a ladder. 

Keep your nutrition high. This may be different for different people. But I think we can all agree eating vegetables is good, and munching though your supplies of snacks in one sitting is not. Try not to sit and eat lots of chips and biscuits, it can be so easy to do this when you're feeling a bit stressed or isolated. Remember to stay hydrated too.

When we are asked to Be Kind, it doesn't just apply to other people. You need to be kind to yourself too. Think of little ways you can treat yourself. 

Reduce Stress. Try and look towards the things you can control. Plan your day, rather than sitting and watching the news. You could listen to music, sing or dance along. Grab a cuppa and call a friend. Talk about the things you are grateful for or recall happy memories. Watch uplifting movies and funny TV shows. 

Feeling productive is also a great mood lifter. You could use the time to clean out a cupboard, or maybe sort out your drawers one at a time. 

If you are interested in reading about building up your immune system in detail you may like to read this article about Prehabilitation. 

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