Sparking Memories

Sparking Memories

Photo albums and pictures on the wall were a traditional way of keeping memories near. Having images available all the time can really help lift spirits, especially when loved ones are not nearby.

Remembering to pull out the old albums can really help but is not always possible and is easily overlooked. These day there are lots of amazing options to see your photographs but sometimes the technology is a barrier in itself.

A Digital Photo Frame can be set up in advance so someone can enjoy all their pictures everyday without any fuss.

Images are loaded onto a USB stick in advance and plugged into the frame. The Digital Photo frame can be put on a timer to come on and turn off everyday without anyone having to touch any controls. It comes with an easy to use remote control, but once setup this can be put away.

And another really helpful feature - if someone unplugs the Digital Photo Frame, it will remember all the settings when switched on again. See more here....