The World can be a Small Place

The World can be a Small Place

Not long before we went into lockdown I posted a blog which has been on my mind ever since. It was about keeping in touch with caregivers and those they care for - see here. Relatively soon after I posted this blog we went into lockdown and people couldn't visit anyone. So I've been conscious that my timing was out. 

Although keeping in touch remotely is very important, it can be very hard to do with someone elderly, with dementia, or hearing difficulties. Or even getting the timing right to get connected when contacting a loved one at a care facility. I'm sure there are many people who missed their visitors and many who suffered through not being able to visit. 

But I do wonder if lockdown made others more aware of those they may not have visited for a while, and then couldn't. There's something about being banned from something that can make it seem more appealing. It would be nice to think people could be jolted out of taking things (and people) for granted.

Most New Zealanders are very happy about moving into level 1 and the freedoms it allows. But for some it is not a huge change. These are the people I was talking about in a previous post "They will never forget how you made them feel". These are the people whose health, mobility or life situation means they can't get out and about as they would like. For some their world didn't shrink and then expand as much as it did for the rest of us.

Hopefully we have all learnt a little lesson about the impermanence of the status quo. Today we in NZ are in a very fortunate situation, let's not take it for granted. Visit that friend you've been meaning to. Take a loved one for an outing, even if the weather's not perfect. 

Let's remember how small our world can become and those whose world remains that way today, around the world and here in New Zealand.

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