Why People Love Paint by Numbers

Why People Love Paint by Numbers

If you are looking for a way to express your creativity through an enjoyable hobby, a paint by numbers canvas may be something to consider. Not only are these great fun, they are fantastic for keeping your brain refreshed and last but not least at the end of your efforts you’ll have a beautiful piece of art.

You may not be someone who feels painting and creative endeavours come naturally. But anyone can stimulate and nurture their creative side. By practicing painting, especially in a safe environment such as a paint by numbers kit, you can learn creative skills and grow your artistic self.

Or maybe your creative streak just needs a little dusting off and something with just enough structure will help bring those old feelings back to the surface.

If, on the other hand, you are someone who enjoys being artistic and creative, paint by numbers offers you a way to let those skills flourish. A paint by numbers kit allows for plenty of opportunities to experiment with blending, shading and mixing colours to really make your finished artwork your own.

Painting is an amazingly easy way to switch into a calmer and more relaxed state of mind, which some compare to meditation.

As you switch off the outside world and focus on the colours, brushstrokes and slow evolution of the image, you allow your mind to be still and yourself to appreciate the present moment.

Applying paint to a canvas with a paint brush helps increase mobility in your hands and fingers. These fine motor skills help keep the brain sharp and translate well into other everyday activities.

When you paint you subconsciously use a vast amount of brain power. You problem solve, visualise and use your memory thoughtout the process, all of which helps keep your brain connections working and expanding. By cultivating patience and focusing on small details you'll also find you increase your attention span and concentration.

Producing a piece of artwork to feel proud of and have others admire is a wonderful boost to self-esteem and inspires you to try other new things and want to increase your skills.

Best of all the completion of the picture provides a great sense of achievement and who doesn’t want that?


But if you know someone who may enjoy and be enriched by these benefits but memory and/or health issues would make these too difficult, another option is painting with water.


Aquapaints give a lovely balance of creative touch, sense of achievement and pure joy for people with mid to late stage dementia. These are a mess-free and easy to set up option that will be much appreciated by the end user and carer alike.

It’s never too late to start a new hobby and painting is one that has been found to produce a positive mental outlook. Uplifting the mood of not only the artist, but also those around them.

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