Gift and Activity Ideas

Sometimes it can be hard for friends and family to think of gifts to buy for someone living with dementia or brain injury.

We have created a brochure which highlights some of our products. Please let us know if you would like us to send you some of these to share with others.



black-white-brochure.jpgPrintable Mindjig Brochure: We have had people ask us if it is ok to photocopy the brochure if you are running low. We don't mind if you do this but they don't look great. So we have also created a downloadable version that you can print yourself. We have made this with less colour in it so it looks good in black and white and won't use up all your ink.


A4 Display Poster: If you are working in a Rest Home you may like to display a brochure on your noticeboard for the public. This prints well in colour or black and white.