Giant Colourful Balloons

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Giant colourful balloons are a fun way to get people moving and interacting. Great for elderly and those with limited mobility

Excellent for a wet day when you are stuck inside, and also good for people who are home-bound or chair-bound.

Buy these balloons for a fun way to get people moving and interacting with others

  • 5 giant brightly coloured latex balloons which can be blown up to 45cm. We recommend slightly under inflating to about 40cm for games, and full inflation if using for decoration.
  • Colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green
  • We have included 5 balloon clips for ease of tying (see image). With care, balloons can be deflated after use and saved for another day.
  • Great for games such as balloon volleyball, can be used with a net or ribbon or simply play keep the ball off the floor with hands or feet.
  • Can be played with a group standing, sitting or a mixture of both.
  • Good spectator sport for those not wanting or able to participate.
  • A fun game that promotes movement, stretching, laughter and good feelings.
  • Lovely bright balloons are in themselves a nice morale booster.

Good activity for people with dementia, such as Alzheimers. Also good for people with brain injury.

Always supervise anyone likely to put small objects in their mouth as the balloon clips could be a choking hazard. Uninflated or broken balloons can also be a choking hazard.

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