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For many, Christmas is a time for friends and family to catch up - and share gifts. For those who have not been in contact much during the year it may be very hard to know what a suitable gift would be for someone with dementia - they may have no idea what is appropriate.

A family member may also feel uncomfortable giving something that may seem 'less than grown-up' to a senior in their life.

Often it falls upon the carers to step up and help family and friends with gift ideas. Caregivers and loved ones who have been keeping up to speed through the year know what is appropriate and helpful. So if you don't want Grandpa to receive another six pairs of socks this Christmas then it may be a good idea to slip some suggestions.

And this isn't just for the receiver and giver, you know what is going to help you. A gift that keeps someone calm, uplifted, engaged....

These are the things that keep a person content, less angry, less likely to want to wander, and more ready to get some sleep at night.

Below are some fidgets we have in stock that are made for adults and are fantastic for those with dementia. You may also like to look at our "10 Uplifting Gifts for Someone with Alzheimer's" page. Maybe you could share this with someone you think may struggle with gift ideas this year.

Note: If you are the one unsure as to what would be a suitable gift, there is no shame in asking someone who is in a position to know more. In fact it's a very thoughtful thing to do. Maybe think of a few ideas to run past a caregiver or someone else who works with the person you wish to buy for.

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Fidgets for Adults

  • Designed specifically for adults.
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Unique reshapable sculptures
  • Always looking like a beautiful piece of art
  • At home in your home, or executive office, waiting room, retirement home or wherever you like to unwind or be a little creative.
  • $74.99
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Natural Wood

For the look and feel of natural wood

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Pastel 12

A smaller set in pastel shades to suit someone wanting a lighter, softer look

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OSM Forever Turning

Young or old, if you know someone who needs to keep their hands busy then this quality fidget will not let them down. Forever Turning, because that is what it was made to do.

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Nuts and Bolts

For the hands that have been used to doing the work.
$79.99 (save $10.00)

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10 Uplifting Gifts for Someone with Alzheimer's

Whether you are gifting to someone who has been recently diagnosed, or someone who has a later stage dementia you want to give something to help and uplift them.

Here are 10 products we recommend and some things you may find helpful to think about when choosing... See More

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