Mindjig Reads: Animals with Personality (Set of 5)

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Set of five poems and story about animals with personalities to make us love and laugh. Great for people living with dementia or brain injury

Buy Mindjig Reads: Animals with Personality for someone who enjoys humour and animals.

When finding communication difficult, a person with cognitive challenges is likely to withdraw into themselves. And when they have reached the stage where they are having trouble remembering people, names and places, starting a conversation can be a bit daunting for a visitor.

Mindjig Reads are a wonderful way of easing into conversation, increasing rapport, and improving mood.

Mindjig Reads have been specifically designed for people living with dementia. This set contains original poems and story by Miriam Chalk and Julie Bourla

Mindjig Reads: Animals with Personality (Set of 5) contains:

  • (1 Poems): Frank, The Cat
  • (2 Poems): That Mean Parrot and Little Bird
  • (2 Poems): Duke the Cat with Attitude and The Rooster
  • (1 Poem): Fred, Should I Worry?
  •  Fly, the Working Dog
  • Titles come packaged in A5 sealable pouch for storage

A dog who refuses to go outside to pee if it's raining, a cat who thinks he owns the house, and a parrot who picks on the family cat. These and other poems and story are a lighthearted look at the animals that can come into our lives. These are also good starting points for discussions on favourite animals and pets people may remember from their past. 


Our short stories and poems have been designed to be read aloud in 5 minutes or less. They are positive, fun, and full of contented moments. Although a person may not remember exactly what they read or have heard, the resulting good feelings can remain with them for longer.

  • It can be hard visiting with someone who is not in a responsive mood. Having a choice of appropriate reading material gives someone a way of connecting.
  • Stories can be read in 5 minutes or less, although someone with limitations reading themselves may take longer.
  • Printed on a durable material that does not tear, is waterproof, and glare-free.
  • Stories are fun, lighthearted and safe. If a listener or reader dozes off mid-story they will not be left with feelings of unease.
  • Each Mindjig Read is printed on its own separate four page folded sheet. This makes it less overwhelming for a person with reduced concentration to tackle than a full-sized book. Also the collection is sharable within a group or home.
  • Short paragraphs and large fonts encourage people to try reading for themselves.
  • Some of our titles have short poems (listed beside title in content), ideal for someone who may want to read themselves but finds a longer story challenging.
  • Perfect for someone with reduced concentration to read aloud.

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