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Mindjig Word Find or Word search Puzzles, set of three levels. Word search puzzles great for people with memory loss, dementia or brain injury.

Buy these puzzles for someone who likes word games, and allow them continued success and enjoyment.

Word find or word search puzzles are beneficial for people with memory loss. However, having a puzzle which is too difficult will cause an individual to feel frustrated and decrease their self esteem, leading them to lose interest.

Our Mindjig Word Find Puzzles have been designed to suit people with cognitive challenges. With three levels of difficulty, an appropriate set of puzzles can be matched to a person's ability. They have also been written on specific themes to help trigger memories in New Zealanders.

  • All words to be found are written left to right or top to bottom (no backwards or diagonal words) and words do not overlap.
  • 1 pad of 50 A5 sheets contains 25 themes (2 of each puzzle)
  • The last word on the list is always written across the bottom of the grid.

Mindjig Word Find Puzzles Levels:

  • Level 1 contains 4 words hidden on a 6 x 6 letter grid.
  • This is the easiest level of the word puzzles
  • The 4 words are slightly bolder than the other letters aiding success.
  • Letters are not repeated outside of the words to be found.
  • Level 2 contains 8 words hidden on a 8 x 8 letter grid.
  • Level 2 is the moderate level of our word search puzzles.
  • Letters are not repeated outside of the words to be found.
  • Level 3 contains 10 words hidden on a 12 x 12 letter grid.
  • This level is the most challenging of the word find puzzles.
  • The first letter of the word is not repeated outside of the words to be found, other letters in the words are.

Themes: Holiday; Rugby; Gardening; Golf; Netball; Kitchen; Shed; Tennis; Baking; Cricket; Cars; Laundry; Tea; Office; School; Fishing; Sewing; Repair; Beach;  Build; Insects; Play; Kiwi; Trees; Animals

Good for people living with Dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. Also for people with a brain injury.

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