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12 piece jigsaw of classic cars

My husband has dementia and he enjoyed doing the jigsaw. It was hard for him but he was able to complete it with minimal help. - Leonie

At the Station - Corfe Castle 500pc XL

These puzzles have been super helpful for my husband who has a brain injury and some cognitive disfunction The larger sized pieces and bright colours encourage him to keep going until finished Thoroughly recommend Also the large size Rummikub has been played over & over - Kaye


Purchased for patient with advanced dementia. She absolutely loves these, particularly when they start to come alive. The fact they can be reused over again once dried is the best. You get 5 paintings in each pack so definitely worth the price, and service from Julie was exceptional, fast and efficient too. Thank you Mindjig, will shop again and recommend to others. - Annie

Brilliant product
and has made a huge difference for my Father in law. Great service and delivery was quick , thank you. - Kath
Excellent service in all respects. 
Your firm is definitely recommended. - Denys
He Loves It!
Super-fast delivery of this clock which has given Dad the ability to reliably check his wall calendar, where we note planned visits and various events. Alzheimers has meant he was often out of kilter in crossing the days off, so he needed a lot of reassurance about what day it is. With the clock he can check as often as he likes; he loves it and we suspect the staff in his care home do, too! - Fiona
Excellent Clock
Excellent! Provides all the information in one place for my elderly mother who sometimes forgets what day and date it is. Having the time of the day with the date and week name is great - Di 
Oricom Phone
A very easy phone to set up and use, has been a great aid for my sight impaired mother. Mindjig were great to deal with and were very prompt with my order. - Donna
Large Button Picture Phone
Dear Jonathon and Julie, Just a note to say how impressed I was with the customer service shown on a recent purchase for my 100 year old mother. From my first contact on the phone from Australia to the delivery of goods the commitment to putting your customers needs first was obvious. It is clear your empathy for them and the products offered is a very special service. Thank you - K Williams
Great activity to share with my Dad who has Dementia - thank you - Nicola
Absolutely Loves it!
So happy to have found this product. It has eased my mother's anxiety about knowing what day of the week it is. I bought it for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! It is easy to use and really clear to read. I like the fact that it dims at 7pm and gets brighter in the morning. - Fiona
PlayableArt Ball is helping with my mothers dementia, keeps her occupied for some time. Thank you. - Stathis
Fast and efficient service from Mindjig
The clock is exactly what were looking for. Easy to operate, we just plugged it in and it was all set to go. The font of the writing is clear and easy to read. - Rachael
Fabulous purchase, fabulous value!
My mum is 93, has a few memory hassles, but is still sharp intellectually. However, the bane of her life is not remembering day, time, etc, and causes great frustration. This clock, about the size and appearance of a tablet, shows in clear uncluttered fashion, day, month, year, time, am/pm, morning, afternoon, evening and even predawn, (the latter words all written in clear readable font). She absolutely loves this instrument, and keeps saying how good it makes her feel not having to ask all the time about time, day, month, etc. We have two of these clocks, one in her bedroom upstairs, and one in the lounge. Fabulous purchase, fabulous value! - Craig
Wonderful service
Many thanks. Wonderful service. Look forward to dealing with you again. - Tina
So good to find your website
Have purchased for my husband who has dementia. As it’s a Christmas present unable to review as such, but think he’ll like it as he’s been a bit of a DIYer over the years. It looks great ,thank you. There is so little available in NZ for people with dementia so good to find your website. - Sandra
Would highly recommend
What an amazing clock has made life so much easier. So clear and easy to set up, would highly recommend to anyone with memory or sight impairments to have one of these. - waihekebabe
Excellent service
My mother loves this clock. She wasn’t at all interested when I first set it up, but within a few hours she loves it. Excellent service it came really quickly. Thanks - Jennie
We look forward to continuing working with you
I would like to express my gratitude to Jonathan and his wife for creating Mindjig. We have purchased many of their recreation equipment to support our residents to have meaningful engaging moments, the the result has been outstanding. We love the fact that most of their equipment is New Zealand made, as we also feel we a contributing to our local economy in some way. It is always a pleasure to deal with them and they are always keen to learn about the people we care for and their needs in order to arrange proper equipment that can best suit our residents needs. We look forward to continuing working with you both and we wish you the very best - Diversional Therapist, Orquidea Tamayo Mortera
Absolutely marvellous
It was for an 84 year old relative with dementia and she fell in love with it after the first day. I would not have believed a person could have such a relationship with a clock but she is delighted thank you. I must admit I thought a clock that told you the time and then whether it was morning or afternoon was a bit over the top but what that has meant to the lady was quite a learning curve in my understanding of the difficulties dementia patients face. - Rick Badley 
 Many thanks... awesome prompt service!!
Very pleased with the clock - it is perfect!! - Maggie
I would recommend for people with Alzheimer’s
We have a couple of people in our dementia home who will sit and happy sort these (Qwirkle) into colours and shapes for ages. Another man loves to build little walls with them. I would recommend for people with Alzheimer’s. - Jonathan
Delivery was very prompt and well packaged
Can’t recommend this product enough. It does everything it claims and is a wonderful help to our memory impaired partially blind relative. Have had quite a few positive comments from others and have been more than happy to recommend both the product and the website. Delivery was very prompt and well packaged. -  M Wright
Excellent service from order to delivery
Brilliant product. Easy to use and adjust to requirement. Clear display. Visually easy to read. Excellent service from order to delivery.  - Alan Radford
Fast and efficient service from Mindjig
The clock is exactly what were looking for. Easy to operate, we just plugged it in and it was all set to go. The font of the writing is clear and easy to read. - Rachael
Absolutely brilliant DVDs
I have both Vol 1 and 2 . These DVD’s are played daily at my place of work. I work in aged care and am a carer in Front of House ( I have the privilege of looking after people who are confined to sitting in a chair most of the day due to loss of mobility) These DVD’s keep my friends entertained and occupied for part of their day as they sing along and clap to the music. One resident who does not have any mental impairment but is permanently confined to her bed or a ‘comfort’ chair requests that I play one of John’s DVD’s as soon as she joins me in the morning. She just LOVES the dancers on both DVD’s Another lady who wanders every where will sit for hours ( If I play the DVD’s continuously) and just clap her hands and sing If any one is looking for a karaoke type DVD for their own home or for a care type facility I would highly recommend either of Mr McSweeneys DVD’S. - Frances
The residents find these songs really uplifting. We have a lovely time singing along. Would recommend both 101 and 102 DVDs. - Melissa
They love the jigsaws
They love the jigsaws. I bought the cars and the tea and toast ones and our residents love them. They have nice bright colours. - Sharron
A special gift for elderly people
I would recommend this clock. The many people who have seen it have been very impressed. A special gift for elderly people - Cee  
Awesome gadget!
Digital Day Clock - Resolved mums confusion overnight. - Mike
A great find and well worth every cent
Simple Music Player - I have long been looking for something my mother can play music on. She has Parkinsons and can no longer operate small devices, especially touch screens, nor can she retain the instructions on using these. Her face, when she opened the lid and the music began was simply priceless. She lives in a care facility, and both the staff and residents love this device. Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck are now keeping her and others company on a regular basis!  - Lisa